Who has the cheapest auto insurance, with full coverage?

How I found who has the cheapest auto insurance

We blew right through our budget when we got married. I’m not talking by a small margin, either. We just went a little crazy which admittedly is not the best way to start a life together but here we were.

Because we were trying to save up for a down payment on a house, we tried to make our budget as tight as we could. We changed our cell phone plan, ditched cable, and started shopping at discount grocery stores. It helped a lot but there were still areas where we could improve.

We debated selling one of our cars but that would have meant we’d have to carpool to work together. That would’ve been fine in theory but our work schedules weren’t the same. I worked a regular office job, Monday through Friday, 9 – 5. My wife is a nurse and worked 12 hour shifts three days a week that started at 7 am. She also worked nights every once in a while and, well, anyway, it got hairy. So, rather than selling a car, we took a closer look at our insurance.

We both wanted to keep full coverage, preferably very cheap car insurance no deposit on our cars because there still weren’t paid off. We didn’t have much longer on the car loans but, still, they were newer cars and worth covering. What we wanted to do was find the cheapest full coverage auto insurance possible. So we started shopping around.

We got a really good offer from an agent that was better than we could have imagined. So we were even more surprised when the agency we were currently with offered to beat that price. We probably just should’ve asked them first but we figured that they were already giving us the best offer. I was actually a little angry at them because I figured they should have already been giving us the best deal. So we left them hanging for a few days.

In the end, we decided to switch companies. It was the right decision, we got amazing coverage at a fair price. Plus, we really like our new agent and know that if there’s a chance for a discount in the future, she’d get it for us. When we closed on our house, we went back to add homeowners to our plan, too. Wedding debt didn’t hold us back. We’re ready for whatever happens next.

Used Car Dealerships & Love

I fell in love at one of the used car dealerships in my neighborhood. No, no, it wasn’t with my boyfriend, I’d already known him for years and I fell in love with him at the beach. But it was love at first sight.

You probably won’t be surprised when I tell you that it was actually a car that changed my life that day. With so many used cars for sale on https://www.carcanuck.ca/, I never thought I’d find the right one for me at the second dealer I visited. But there it was, sitting with all the other used cars, sun reflecting off her bright silver roof.

I wish I could say that I played it cool but that would be a lie. I ran over immediately and took a better look. The price was right and it didn’t have too many miles on it, either. The salesmen who approached me had to know it was going to be an easy sale. He offered to let me go on a test drive. I was even more convinced that to have this car after, like, 30 seconds behind the wheel.

I made absolutely no attempt to hide my excitement and didn’t even bother to try to negotiate. I was honestly shocked at the price. I mean, this guy knew he had me. He could have tried to get more money out of me and he didn’t. I really felt like everything was falling into place perfectly.

When I was finally finished with all the paperwork, it was all mine. The car of my dreams, the one I’d been looking for, and I was driving it home to park in my driveway. I decided to go for a little drive first, just to spend some time with my new Toyota Camry! I needed to show it off so I called my boyfriend and told him i was coming over.

Jake was waiting for me outside when I pulled up. “Hop in!” I said with a smile and together we took a drive to the beach.

You’re not going to believe what happened next. There we were, sitting on a blanket at the beach, when out of nowhere, Jake asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes! So finding my dream car wasn’t exactly the best thing that happened to me that day. But it was still pretty great.

Getting A Tulsa Electrician To Fix My Air Conditioning

There are a thousand things that need fixing in my home and I just don’t have the time to deal with any of them. I work long and hard during the week so the last thing I want to do on my precious weekend is to carry on working, even if it is only around my home. That’s me time and I just want to sit back and relax.

There are some small bits here and there that I could deal with myself and I probably will over the coming months, albeit in a very slow and dragged out manner when I can be bothered. But there are also plenty of things that need fixing that I don’t have either the time or the skills for. Mainly tasks of an electrical nature.

Here in Tulsa, the weather is pretty damn hot at the moment and my AC has just broken. The damn thing won’t turn on, no matter how many times I hit it with my broom. Normally, I would just leave it or eventually call someone to fix it, but it was so hot and humid that I just had to get it working myself immediately.

Three hours of stress, aggravation and a somewhat mild yet frightening electric shock and I’m still stuck without cool air. I knew I was out of my depth by this point. Hell, I knew it was way out of my depth before I even started but you can’t blame a guy for trying. I knew it was time to call in the big guns.

I did a quick search online for Electricians Tulsa and rang a few numbers to get a quote. Apparently, I’m not the only one with AC trouble at this time of year and many electricians/companies just didn’t have the manpower to service my unit. I carried on searching online and I TL Davis Electrical Design. (http://www.daviselectricaldesign.com)

They succeeded where everyone else failed. By far the best Tulsa electricians I’ve personally worked with. I was expecting another disappointment when calling and was quite surprised when they said they’d send someone over right away. They were here in no time. It wasn’t long at all before I had my beloved AC back on.

No Deposit Insurance With Good Coverage and a Cheap Price

Finding Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit With Coverage 

When I was still a young man I managed to get a killer deal with an car insurance company. I was fully covered and didn’t have to pay a deposit. The monthly payments weren’t that bad and the excesses were low as well. That was a long time ago and cases like that back then were exceedingly rare. In those days you had to pick and choose what you wanted and make sacrifices in other areas.

If you wanted great coverage with low excesses then you could expect high monthly payments and most likely a large deposit to go with it. If you wanted low monthly payments and no deposit then you shouldn’t have expected to be covered for anything. Even if you did manage to get coverage with that, the excesses would’ve been so high as to render it pointless. So basically getting very cheap car insurance no deposit, is going to be hard.

You might have managed to get decent coverage, low monthly payments with low excesses but I shudder to think how expensive that deposit would’ve been. It would’ve been so high that if you broke it down into further monthly payments then it wouldn’t have been worth it.

Recently, I switched to a new company and have received the best policy I’ve ever had ( Found here: http://www.verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/). I found this company through a comparison site and it let me choose just exactly what I wanted, what I needed and what price range I was prepared to pay. I left that last one open, not expecting much in the way of a good deal but expecting to switch insurance companies either way. The results staggered me.

The company would cover me in every way that I needed to be covered. Good, full coverage. The excesses, whilst not ridiculously cheap were still very reasonable. The monthly payments seemed impossibly low, though at my age I’ve managed to build up quite a few years of no claims. I read through all of this information, expecting to see an incredibly high figure in the deposit column. But by the time I got to it, the number there was a big fat zero.

All of that with very cheap car insurance no deposit. These are great days we live in when I can get good full auto insurance coverage at a cheap monthly price, and with no deposit.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance? My Story

I have done a lot of stupid things in my life and was very lucky that it never got me in trouble. There were a few times when I got behind the wheel when maybe I shouldn’t have but, like I said, I got lucky. As I got older, I looked back at some of the things I’d done with the benefit of age and hindsight.

I still live in an area where there are a lot of bars and a lot of kids out having fun on the weekends. Where there is alcohol, there’s probably going to be some poor decision making going on, especially in a city with poor public transportation options.

I decided to take some precautions to protect myself. First, I stopped parking my car on the street. My neighbor had his car dinged a few times. Hit and runs, never knew who did it. For a while, I just assumed that was a hazard of living in the city but I decided to change my thinking. So, I started parking in my driveway, even though it’s really steep and not so easy to back out of.

The next thing I did was upgrade from my cheap auto insurance. The key here is I spent some time looking into who has the cheapest auto insurance because then I knew I’d get more for my money. I ended up with a great full coverage auto insurance policy. Which I would end up needed sooner than I imagined.

I have no idea how it happened. Someone had a bit too much to drink and needed to turn around, I suppose, but I woke up one morning to the rear end of my car completely smashed. Never happened to me when I parked on the street but, of course, as soon as I move to my driveway someone hits me. Just my luck.

I was never able to find the person that did it which isn’t surprising in the least. I mean, who’s going to get out of the car and leave their insurance information when they know it’s their fault and the shouldn’t have been driving anyway? My neighbor didn’t hear anything, either, and his car escaped any damage that night.

Like I said, I got lucky all those years. I’ve definitely done some pretty stupid things. I can only hope that the person who hit me made it home safely. And maybe this scared them enough to be a little more responsible.


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Finding a cause and deciding on a good non-profit to help is harder than it looks. There’s so many nonprofits that need help finding the right one has gotten a lot harder!

This is good though, all that means is that there’s a lot more non-profits out there helping people!

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