Who has the cheapest auto insurance, with full coverage?

How I found who has the cheapest auto insurance

We blew right through our budget when we got married. I’m not talking by a small margin, either. We just went a little crazy which admittedly is not the best way to start a life together but here we were.

Because we were trying to save up for a down payment on a house, we tried to make our budget as tight as we could. We changed our cell phone plan, ditched cable, and started shopping at discount grocery stores. It helped a lot but there were still areas where we could improve.

We debated selling one of our cars but that would have meant we’d have to carpool to work together. That would’ve been fine in theory but our work schedules weren’t the same. I worked a regular office job, Monday through Friday, 9 – 5. My wife is a nurse and worked 12 hour shifts three days a week that started at 7 am. She also worked nights every once in a while and, well, anyway, it got hairy. So, rather than selling a car, we took a closer look at our insurance.

We both wanted to keep full coverage, preferably very cheap car insurance no deposit on our cars because there still weren’t paid off. We didn’t have much longer on the car loans but, still, they were newer cars and worth covering. What we wanted to do was find the cheapest full coverage auto insurance possible. So we started shopping around.

We got a really good offer from an agent that was better than we could have imagined. So we were even more surprised when the agency we were currently with offered to beat that price. We probably just should’ve asked them first but we figured that they were already giving us the best offer. I was actually a little angry at them because I figured they should have already been giving us the best deal. So we left them hanging for a few days.

In the end, we decided to switch companies. It was the right decision, we got amazing coverage at a fair price. Plus, we really like our new agent and know that if there’s a chance for a discount in the future, she’d get it for us. When we closed on our house, we went back to add homeowners to our plan, too. Wedding debt didn’t hold us back. We’re ready for whatever happens next.