No Deposit Insurance With Good Coverage and a Cheap Price

Finding Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit With Coverage 

When I was still a young man I managed to get a killer deal with an car insurance company. I was fully covered and didn’t have to pay a deposit. The monthly payments weren’t that bad and the excesses were low as well. That was a long time ago and cases like that back then were exceedingly rare. In those days you had to pick and choose what you wanted and make sacrifices in other areas.

If you wanted great coverage with low excesses then you could expect high monthly payments and most likely a large deposit to go with it. If you wanted low monthly payments and no deposit then you shouldn’t have expected to be covered for anything. Even if you did manage to get coverage with that, the excesses would’ve been so high as to render it pointless. So basically getting very cheap car insurance no deposit, is going to be hard.

You might have managed to get decent coverage, low monthly payments with low excesses but I shudder to think how expensive that deposit would’ve been. It would’ve been so high that if you broke it down into further monthly payments then it wouldn’t have been worth it.

Recently, I switched to a new company and have received the best policy I’ve ever had ( Found here: I found this company through a comparison site and it let me choose just exactly what I wanted, what I needed and what price range I was prepared to pay. I left that last one open, not expecting much in the way of a good deal but expecting to switch insurance companies either way. The results staggered me.

The company would cover me in every way that I needed to be covered. Good, full coverage. The excesses, whilst not ridiculously cheap were still very reasonable. The monthly payments seemed impossibly low, though at my age I’ve managed to build up quite a few years of no claims. I read through all of this information, expecting to see an incredibly high figure in the deposit column. But by the time I got to it, the number there was a big fat zero.

All of that with very cheap car insurance no deposit. These are great days we live in when I can get good full auto insurance coverage at a cheap monthly price, and with no deposit.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance? My Story

I have done a lot of stupid things in my life and was very lucky that it never got me in trouble. There were a few times when I got behind the wheel when maybe I shouldn’t have but, like I said, I got lucky. As I got older, I looked back at some of the things I’d done with the benefit of age and hindsight.

I still live in an area where there are a lot of bars and a lot of kids out having fun on the weekends. Where there is alcohol, there’s probably going to be some poor decision making going on, especially in a city with poor public transportation options.

I decided to take some precautions to protect myself. First, I stopped parking my car on the street. My neighbor had his car dinged a few times. Hit and runs, never knew who did it. For a while, I just assumed that was a hazard of living in the city but I decided to change my thinking. So, I started parking in my driveway, even though it’s really steep and not so easy to back out of.

The next thing I did was upgrade from my cheap auto insurance. The key here is I spent some time looking into who has the cheapest auto insurance because then I knew I’d get more for my money. I ended up with a great full coverage auto insurance policy. Which I would end up needed sooner than I imagined.

I have no idea how it happened. Someone had a bit too much to drink and needed to turn around, I suppose, but I woke up one morning to the rear end of my car completely smashed. Never happened to me when I parked on the street but, of course, as soon as I move to my driveway someone hits me. Just my luck.

I was never able to find the person that did it which isn’t surprising in the least. I mean, who’s going to get out of the car and leave their insurance information when they know it’s their fault and the shouldn’t have been driving anyway? My neighbor didn’t hear anything, either, and his car escaped any damage that night.

Like I said, I got lucky all those years. I’ve definitely done some pretty stupid things. I can only hope that the person who hit me made it home safely. And maybe this scared them enough to be a little more responsible.


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